viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Hombre blanco dar significado

En la película “Red River''(1948), dirigida por Howard Hawks, Dunson, el personaje a quien representa John Wayne, se apodera de unos terrenos en la baja California. Cuando alguien viene y le dice que esos terrenos son del rey de España, el personaje se parte de la risa. El análisis que hace de esto Roger Evert es muy interesante:

"Underlying everything else is an attitude that must have been invisible to the filmmakers at the time: the unstated assumption that it is the white man's right to take what he wants. Dunson shoots a Mexican who comes to tell him ``Don Diego'' owns the land. Told the land had been granted to Diego by the king of Spain, Dunson says, ``You mean he took it away from whoever was here before--Indians, maybe. Well, I'm takin' it away from him.'' In throwaway dialogue, we learn of seven more men Dunson has killed for his ranch, and there's a grimly humorous motif as he shoots people and then ``reads over 'em'' from the Bible."

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